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First Love Flatware

First Love Flatware is a pattern used on flatware originally made by Rogers Bros of Hartford, the company, that in 1847, introduced fancy electroplate flatware made from beginning to end in America. In 1852, they were purchased by another company and moved to Meriden, Connecticut. After being purchased by several companies through their products are now market under the name 'The American Silver Company'.

In 1937, Rogers first manufactured the pattern First Love and became the all time best seller for the Rogers Bros. The pattern was so popular that Duncan Miller, a glass manufacturer etched the pattern on glass to match the handle on the flatware. The First Love pattern was discontinued in 1973.

The 5 piece place setting consists of a fork, a salad fork, a teaspoon, a tablespoon and a knife. Other pieces that can be added to a collection are ice tea spoons, citrus spoons and demitasse spoons

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. Serving pieces that can be added include butter knife, serving spoons, sugar spoons, cake pie servers. There was also a line of children's First Love silverware, the fork can be identified by the size and the fact that the tines are blunt.

This vintage flatware is still very popular and is highly collectible. It can be purchased in many places over the internet including eBay and many antique stores and resellers. If you are going to buy this antique flatware it is important to realize that the price is affected by the condition of the individual pieces, there will often be wear on the back from contact with other surfaces and this is normal. Dents and deep scratches in the pieces will decrease the value of the pieces.